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Security risks and incidents multiplying daily, you need a partner that offers a holistic approach to security that combines thought leadership, helps you develop the culture and the operational capabilities to preempt or even barely act with vital knowledge.

A Partner that leverages extensive security management and process expertise, in-depth knowledge of the vertical markets in which you operate and infrastructure support capabilities to help continuously protect your organization. Ramnet Security Practice can be that partner.

We beside evaluating your overall security posture; develop effective strategies for addressing identified security gaps and offer services, solutions and ongoing security management. With our proven experience in designing, implementing and managing security solutions, we can work with you to

  • Identify security risks and evaluate the costs associated with mitigating them
  • Comply with regulatory initiatives
  • Protect your IT infrastructure, physical assets and intellectual property
  • Promote trust among your customers, partners and suppliers
  • Or even to get your enterprise IS 27001 certified

Whether you let us handle a single device or your entire security infrastructure, you'll realize important benefits

  • real-time, all-the-time security management, monitoring and support
  • enhanced protection from our investment in industry-leading technologies and tools at our SOC
  • greater security expertise via access to Ramnet trained experts
  • reduced operational and personnel costs for network security
  • improved reporting capabilities with our Internet portal

Ramnet also offers Professional Security Services, including: Enterprise Risk Assessments, Regulatory Compliance, Technical Security Assessments and Information Availability Assessment.

Our Security Practice provides Business Centric Services and Solutions based on rich and robust framework - RISRF (Ramnet Information Security Reference Framework) which includes a comprehensive analysis of an environment of increasing economic and business process complexity. RISRF aligns with all four global reference frameworks including COSO, COBIT, ITIL and ISO17799.

RISRF is fast developing into a maturity model and follows methodologies for Security Practice which are not only based on Global Compliance's but developed based on relevant Industry experience in different verticals.

To find out how our consulting, implementation, managed security services and identity & access management services and solutions can help you minimize security risks and maximize your organizational opportunities, contact us today.

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